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Technical Support

Get help solving your computer, cell-phone, software or web browser isseus. If you've got a frozen device or software, we can help you solve this issue. Schedule an appointment and we can get started. Just use the chat option in the bottom right corner to start.

Laptop or Computer Keeps Freezing

First you'll need to do the following:

- unplug all USBs and remove all CDs

- restart your computer (keep it turned off for 30 seconds before turning on again)

- run a virus scan on the computer to make sure that you don't have any malicious programs on it.

You've got a virus on computer

Your computer might have a virus if you're computer brings up random windows or websites while you're doing another task or your mouse is extremely laggy.

To fix this potential virus, you can use Avast (, Malwarebytes ( or your own antivirus program to tackle that issue first. The programs that I mentioned above are also free but do come with a bit of sponsored ads for their other products and services. But you'll never need to take a dime out of your pocket before or after installing either software.

Apple: account/ device hack

Let's use the options below to tackle your Apple product hack:

- Apple ID compromised: 

- apple community suggestions: 

Facebook hacked

If your facebook was hacked, you can

- visit this link

- look under the section labeled My Account

- choose either the first link or the most appropriate link that fits your particular type of hack event

Google: Gmail password reset

In order to get access back to your gmail, please do the following:

- visit

- scroll down to the section labeled Reset your password

- follow the instructions provided


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