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A directory of people looking to provide and access cash-producing opportunities.

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List of Jobs to Create for Yourself (Worth $3,000+/month)

Click the buttons below to find out how to make money without working for a company. We've tried to give you ideas to uberize your income. Almost all of them will depend on you turning your co-workers/friends/family into the local marketer position that's listed below.

projected pay: $7/pound of clothes with a minimum charge of 10 pounds ||

Everyone does laundry to stay clean and not stink. And it pays well. That's why drug-dealers supposedly "rinse" their money through these types of operations, LOL. This job will allow you to pickup people's dirty laundry, wash/dry at your home and then send out to customer. You can deliever yourself or use a service like postmates.

projected pay: $100/month per house ---> requires 10 to 20 houses to be ||

People need security to watch their assets. As a virtual security guard, you can remotely control cameras within and around a house or neighborhood. Can also man drones that are provided by the client.

projected pay: $0 to $10/task (ie 25 to 30 posts online) + % of commissions per new customer ||

can post on various local newspaper classified ads websites, craigslist and local blogs in order to bring in new customers for at-home businesses on SHD1; Can also leave notes door-to-door or within mailboxes; Locl marketers should be paid on recurring subscription in order to be valuable to potential local marketers or individuals

projected pay: $3 - $9/day ...passively ||

Earn from your own banner ads placed on this website such as the one seen below. Hit the messaging icon in the bottom right corner to reach out to us about this.

List of established options for independent contract work: Shipt, Ubereats , Instacart, Amazon Flex

If you'd like your profile/services to be listed in the directory and/or notified of any future job opportunities, then please send your information via the contact page and it will be added as soon as possible.